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Grupo Tomza

Grupo TOMZA is a business group dedicated for over 50 years marketing, importation, distribution, storage and transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) through 90 storage plants, five bus terminals and 3 marine terminals for gas import; all this distributed in 15 states of the Mexican territory and six Central American countries, and a source of work for more than 12,000 employees. Tomza Group International is a leader in Mexico, Central or America and Belize in relation to transportation, distribution, marketing and export of LPG.


Grupo Tomza was interested in exploring how to source, load and transport propane with high ethane content [HD5] from Targa Terminal in the Houston Ship Channel to their receiving terminals in Mexico and Honduras. This product had newer been transported before due to complexities associated with boiling points and pressure. The main driver was that of price as at the time this product was cheaper compared to propane with no ethane content.


In partnership between Group Tomza, Targa Resources and ourselves, we pioneered the possibilities along the enitre logistics to safely load, transport and discharge the product. We performed test voyages and in the process gained experience to tweak shore and ship to more efficiently handle the product. By working together we managed to increase Grupo Tomza's profitability. In a period of 3 years we pioneered the shipping of this product for our partnerr.

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